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Get Your Singapore Tech.Pass Now!

The Tech.Pass visa program invites global tech entrepreneurs, qualified professionals, and skilled individuals to operate and set up companies in Singapore.




This visa allows individuals to:


Invest in a start-up or operate one or more tech companies

Freedom to switch between employee and investor in a Singapore-based company

Work as an employee in one or more tech companies in Singapore

Extend Tech.Pass visa for up to 2 years by meeting the renewal criteria

Sponsor stay of your family members by applying for other visa options*

Freedom to become a lecturer in local-educational institutions.

*Unmarried-children, including adopted ones, below the age of 21, and legally married spouse are eligible for the Dependent’s Pass visa. Unmarried handicapped children above 21, parents, common-law spouse and unmarried stepchildren below 21 are eligible for the Long-Term Visit Pass visa.




Eligibility and Renewal


Am I Eligible for the Singapore Tech.Pass Visa?

In order to become an eligible candidate, you must meet at least two of the following conditions:


  • Your last fixed monthly salary in the past year should be at least S$20,000
  • Have an experience of at least 5 years holding a leading role in an organization that has raised $30 million in funding, or the company has a market value of at least US$500 million
  • Have an experience of at least 5 years in a leading role in the development of a tech product that has generated annual revenue of US$100 million, or has at least 100,000 monthly users


Can I Reapply for the Singapore Tech.Pass Visa?

If you want to receive a two-year renewal for the Tech Pass visa, the applicant must;


  • Show a business spending of at least S$100,000, and hire at least one local that can be considered a manager, professional or and executive (PME*). Also, three ‘local qualifying salary’ (LQS*) employees,
  • Have earned an income of at least S$240,000 verified by the Inland Revenue of Singapore.

*PMEs with a fixed salary of at least S$3,900 and LQS employees earning a monthly salary of at least S$1,400.Apart from this, the applicant will also be evaluated under the following criteria of which two must followed. Remember, one of the two must be from column A.




Additional Criteria for Tech Pass Renewal ‘A’

• Hold a leading position in one or more local companies
• Hold a leading role in a Singapore-based tech company
• Launched a company in Singapore that deals in tech based services and products
• Employed as a leading technical professional in two or more local based companies
• Employed as a team lead of a technical team in a local company


Additional Criteria for Tech Pass Renewal ‘B’

• Invest in a local tech company
• Appointed as a mentor of a local start-up
• Appointed as a lecturer in a local educational institution
• Offering training sessions not covered in ‘B2’ & ‘B3’
• Be a part of the Board of Directors of a local company.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between Tech.Pass and Tech@SG?

  • Though both programmes are launched to develop the tech ecosystem of Singapore, the Tech.Pass can be considered an extension of the Tech@SG programme.
  • The Tech.Pass can be considered an invitation and opportunity for technical experts, business leaders and entrepreneurs to use their skills and contribute in developing the tech ecosystem of Singapore. As a pass holder, you can run your business, become an investor, work for another organization, and even become a consultant in one or more companies in Singapore. In addition to that, you can also become a lecturer or mentor for local universities and start-ups.
  • The Tech@SG programme offers the opportunity of potential growth to local businesses. Companies that operate in fintech, digital, biotech, agritech, cleantech, and medtech industry can get access to the foreign talent that they need to set up new teams. 

Is there any quota for the Tech.Pass?

Initially, the Tech.Pass will be offered to 500 applicants, on a first come first serve basis. After that, the governing bodies will renew and offer more Tech.Pass opportunities after evaluating the benefit to the tech ecosystem as well as the feedback from all stakeholders.

Are Tech.Pass holders eligible for Tech@SG Programme?

No. All Tech.Pass holders must ensure that their company meets all eligibility criteria for of the Tech@SG Programme to apply for it. 

Is it necessary to secure a job in Singapore before applying for the Tech.Pass?

No. Individuals are allowed to apply for the Tech.Pass prior to getting a job in Singapore. All applicants are evaluated based on their experience in developing tech products and leading teams, not with an employer sponsorship in hand. With the help of the Tech.Pass, applicants can avail the flexibility of investing, leading, or evening consulting one of more Singapore companies.

Can existing EntrePass, PEP, or EP holders apply for the Tech.Pass?

Yes. PEP, EP and EntrePass holders can apply for the Tech.Pass if they meet the eligibility criteria. However, it is recommended that if the existing pass holders don’t require the flexibility offered for Tech.Pass holders, then there is no need to convert.
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